Fatores influenciantes de materiais sintéticos de tecido geotêxtil

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  • Fatores influenciantes de materiais sintéticos de tecido geotêxtil

Fatores influenciantes de materiais sintéticos de tecido geotêxtil

16 de março de 2021

The main factors affecting the aging of Shanggong synthetic materials are as follows:

(1) The final result of photo-oxidation is to reduce the mechanical properties of the woven geotextile fabric (such as strength, elongation and elasticity), and even make the material brittle and cracked. Ultraviolet rays in sunlight are the most important factor that causes aging of synthetic fibers. Due to the presence of tertiary carbon atoms in each unit structure of polypropylene molecules, the carbon-hydrogen bond energy of tertiary carbon atoms is small and unstable, so polypropylene is more sensitive to photo-oxidation degradation reactions.

(2) The destructive effect of temperature on polymers is manifested in two aspects: on the one hand, it is direct damage, such as: polypropylene can be cracked to produce double bonds at high temperatures; on the other hand, under normal circumstances, temperature can accelerate other Degradation process caused by factors.

(3) Moisture Generally, water cannot react with plastics alone at room temperature. However, the effect of moisture on the photodegradation of plastics is very important. The water attached to the surface of the plastic can diffuse into the inner layer of the plastic, accelerate the plastic, absorb oxygen, and cause chemical changes. Therefore, water is a factor that cannot be ignored in affecting the aging of polymers.

(4) Impurities Plastics often leave some catalyst residues in the synthesis process, so some metal compounds are brought in, and some organic impurities are generated during the processing process. These impurities play a role in initiating photo-oxidation. The different degrees of woven geotextile fabric promote material degradation. .