YINGFAN (fornecedor de 1mm Pond Liner) participou do China International Geosynthetics Event

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  • YINGFAN (fornecedor de 1mm Pond Liner) participou do China International Geosynthetics Event

YINGFAN (fornecedor de 1mm Pond Liner) participou do China International Geosynthetics Event

Sep 28, 2020

From September 25 to September 27, the 10th Chinese National Geosynthetics Conference and 2020 China International Geosynthetics Products and Equipment Exhibition was grandly held in Chengdu. Our YINGFAN company attended this event as an exhibitor.

YINGFAN on geosynthetics exhibition 1mm pond liner supplier YINGFAN
The conference was hosted by the China Technical Association on Geosynthetics (CTAG) and the Chinese Committee of the International Geosynthetics Society (CCIGS). Nearly 1,000 representatives and 53 exhibitors participated in this conference; 154 academic reports and 6 categories of award ceremonies were present. It involved raw material supply, production and testing equipment manufacturing, geosynthetic material manufacturing and sales, design & construction & supervision, environmental protection ecology, quality inspection, industry management, university research institutes and many other fields, covering the entire industrial chain of geosynthetics.


The National Geosynthetics Conference is held every four years and is the oldest, most influential, and most extensive academic exchange activity in the field of geosynthetics in our country. With the theme of "Geosynthetics Helping the Belt and Road Initiative and Western Development in China", this conference conducted extensive academic exchanges on the latest research progress in the field of geosynthetics inChinain recent years, and jointly discussed new achievements and problems in the development of China's geosynthetics industry.

Our Yingfan company attended this event as an exhibitor. Our staff attended two academic conferences themed with reinforcement geosynthetics and anti-seepage & drainage geosynthetics, and two technical seminars themed with geosynthetics environmental application and geosynthetics properties & testing technics.

geosynthetics exhibition certificate YINGFAN YINGFAN geosynthetics conference

Our company also showed our hot sale products and latest products in our booth. Our showing products include hdpe geomembrane such asForro de lagoa de 1mm, 0.5mm green HDPE liner, 60mil geomembrane, geotextile, bentonite blankets, geocomposites, geogrid, drainage geocomposites and so forth. They can be widely used in environmental protection engineering projects, anti-seepage engineering projects, drainage engineering projects, reinforcement engineering projects, etc.

Our visitors showed a great interest on our products. They shared a lot of information with us in relevant industries. We also met some of our peers in this industry. We have a better learning towards relevant market in the whole geosynthetic industry.